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I have the biggest packing challenge of my life ahead of me.

From Melbourne spring, to Dubai, then from Dubai straight into winter in New York. All this and only two pieces of luggage allowed.

If I were just doing a basic, pared down tourist style adventure (who are we kidding, I never do that), it would be easy. Instead I need to pack for safaris, swimming, cocktail parties, spa days, conferences, photo shoots and walking in the snow! Organisation isn’t the half of it.

I have called on all my packing expertise and fashion knowledge for this one, pairing up silks, merino wools, layers of stockings, pashminas and scarves, with plenty of bling and one huge dramatic coat.

When you consider that I also have to pack a load of photography and video equipment, this becomes a precision exercise. My worst nightmare is arriving some place without all the proper plugs, chargers and cables. They are much harder to buy in an emergency than a pair of sparkly heels.

The extent of my travel wardrobe is such that I think it deserves it’s own post, but the most important thing I’ve learnt over my years of travel is this; weight. Not just the weight you are allowed by airlines, but also the weight you are prepared to lug around.

Let’s take for instance, that one time I was in Tokyo at midnight in the rain, with two 40kg suitcases, handbag and carry on, no umbrella and no cash for a cab. New swear words were invented that night as I vowed to never again travel with so much weight and certainly not in stupid two wheeled suitcases that failed to navigate gutters and almost cut my legs off!

Even empty, many of my suitcases weigh in at 7 kilos, and I’m not about to loose precious packing weight to some clunky monstrosity. I can thank American Tourister for the most beautiful hot pink, ultra lightweight, one finger-gliding suitcase that will be a godsend on this trip.


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  1. That suitcase is so fabulously girly, glam and pretty!!! It appeals to my inner five year old as much as it does my 30 year fashionista self today. 🙂

    Best of luck with your packing, dear gal. Though not the same thing entirely, on three (objectively actually, more like four) occasions I’ve needed to pack all the worldly goods I was keeping into just one or two suitcases and perhaps a carry on (such as moving to and from Ireland years ago), so I can truly relate to the importance of every last gram you possibly avail of from your choice of luggage (and most definitely what you put into it).

    <3 Jessica

  2. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Even though I’ve been on many a holiday including Spain, Florida and Africa (and the uk trips but considering I live here it is just trips) I still find myself pondering over what to pack and how I can make good outfits over what I take. I’m getting better and more creative as time goes on but guidance is always welcome. I can’t wait for part two! -xx-

  3. I want that suitcase. I have had mine for almost ten years. I know it is time to retire it. Yet that suitcase has been to 18 countries with me. And many a time I have cursed it’s existence.


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