First off, I’m so sorry for the big posting delay!  Not only have we be trying to get the new URL change over for the site happening, but then the stupid internet connection goes on the blink! For a week!! My schedule this week has meant I haven’t been able to work around it by heading elsewhere, until today.

Right now, I’m sitting in the Qantas lounge on my way to the Gold Coast for the Pro Blogger Event!

I’m super excited about this one and thrilled to be one of the speakers this weekend as well.  A whole weekend filled with bloggy friends, old and new; it’s rather like being able to visit your home planet. More about that and the gorgeous QT Hotel where we’ll be staying soon. Onto outfit business.

Knowing that I’d be leaving the grey Melbourne skies behind and heading up to the Queensland sun, I had to add a few new dress to my collection. Today’s outfit is a beautiful light weight vintage silk dress from Japan. They were all so beautiful and airy when I saw them on the dealers rack, that I had to have more than one. Now having put them through their paces I know I’ll be back for more.

They are perfect for layering and for travel. Just pop a petticoat underneath, a little cashmere sweater and even stockings if you need extra warmth, then it’s easy enough to lighten up when the sun comes out.


Outfit Details

Vintage silk Japanese dress – Frizzy Vintage.

Belt- Elastic cinch belt I’ve had for an age.

Bangle- Op shop find.

Cowboy boots – Retro Star Vintage.

Earrings – Forbidden Charm.

Lipstick – MAC Russian Red.

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  1. How fabulously pretty! I’ve always had a strong inner cowgirl (which got to come out often when I lived in Calgary, Alberta, not so much elsewhere in the country that I’ve resided, especially since I’ve never owned or lived on a farm) and get giddy anytime I can indulge in that side of my wardrobe personality.

    Your holster earrings are as cute as cute can possible be and you really look marvelous, my lovely friend!

    ? Jessica


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