Tuesday, June 26, 2018

There is so much to look at here on Vintage Current, we’ve made a little photo album section to help you discover the inspiration you’re seeking.

Travel, Fashion, Beauty and more; the list is ever growing as we share all the ways vintage glamour runs through our lives.

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Inspiration is in everything!



  1. I can’t stop looking at the hair gallery! I love every look! Here is my question though. What type of cut do you tell your hairdresser to give you so your hair is so versitile? I have tried describing it to 3 different stylists and they all get it wrong!


    • Kelley: The cut doesn’t have a name. It is just about shoulder blade length with a few long layers. That way it is very versatile and easy to put into rollers too.

  2. i am almost crying tears of envy at all of your more then AWESOME looks! – Hair, clothes, nails…. all of it! If you ever want to visit Texas and come help me with my look your always welcome! =)

  3. I was quite interested in having a streak put in to my hair after seeing a picture of a pin-up style photo of a friend. Now I’ve stumbled upon your fabulous website I think you’ve done all the convincing.
    But the trouble is, as much as I adore the vintage classic style, I only occasionally don the “look” (as soon as the weather warms up I’ll be waving goodbye to my jumpers and say hello to the tea dresses!)

    Are there days when you wake up and have limited time to put your hair up? I’m worried whether the streak will look out of place without an up-do and curls and teamed with more normal everyday wear.
    How do you style your hair with the streak on a “normal” day especially if you are in a rush?

    • Cammie: I know this isn’t going to help you much, but these ARE all normal daytime looks for me. So of the looks take only 3 minutes to achieve, but that is down to preparation and practice. Most mornings I shower, dress, hair and makeup in 20 minutes as I have to get the kids ready and out the door for school. 🙂

  4. hi i love ur page , i found it late one nite when i was doing a mad men hunt !
    i am going to a vintage fashion fair soon and i was hoping to for a bit of advice on the look i was going for a 1950s look i have a halterneck red poka dot dress and shoulder length hair i would love any advice on hair and make up .
    and what to look for in the fair
    i no its a lot to ask so thanks for any help

    • Erica D: Hi Erica, thanks for your comment. There is lots of info both on the blog and on my You Tube Chanel. The bets thing to do would be to have a look through the different tutorials to find what you think would suit you. As for what to buy at the fair, the best advice I can give you is to get yourself a copy of the amazing “Love Vintage” book by Nicole Jenkins and learn all you can about it to ensure you get the best buys and know what to look for. You’ll find a review of her book as well as a link on where to buy in the Vintage Delights – Bookcase section of the blog. Have fun!

    • Hello Kelly,Thank you for the link to Kirstie gorgeous pohtos I’m really enjoying your book and have already made a rice-filled doorstop for our heavy front door(vintage fabric of course!) it looks greats and works well, replacing a little old iron (family treasure)which looked interesting but actually stubbed toes and dented the paintwork so thank you for your mend and create philosophy

  5. Hi I was looking at your photos of the tea parties and absolutely loooovvvveeeee the vintage deco iphone cover. Please where can I buy one. It’s beautiful. Thanks

  6. Is that you in the pictures?
    we could be sisters almost twins its freaky cool Lady 🙂

    Do you ever come to Dallas Flower Mound actually .
    I would Love to hang out Have Tea time .

  7. Hi! I saw your spread in Peppermint Mag and fell in love with the look – especially the way you do your hair – i have hair that is a bit longer than my shoulders, long layers and a short straight fringe can you give me any tips on how to create such a flawless retro look?
    Many thanks!!

  8. Your website is fabulous! The pictures in your galleries are magnificent, they’re really helping me pick out a vintage-inspired hairdo for prom,haha. I myself am a fellow lover of all things vintage. <3

  9. Hello from London!

    Love the website, what a great thing to stumble upon in the early hours! Some of your video tutorials are great, they explain things clearly I had only half worked out how to do myself. Plus your soothing voice is probably on a par with David Attenborough (which is pretty darn soothing!).

    Anyway I had a point to this ramble, your hairdo in the 1950’s tartan dress vintage look is amazing. Any chance for a tutorial on that?

    Thank you!


    • Carmen: That’s a great idea! I’ve set aside time this month to catch up on all the outstanding tutorials I have promised (sadly real life got in the way there for a while), and I’ll be sure to include that one. And thank you for that lovely compliment! 🙂 <3

    • Connie: Oh thank you! My body? Umm well, I guess it is about everything in moderation. I can’t say I have a great routine and work out daily. I just try to eat delicious food, healthy food and still include the things I love. Being passionate about life and moving a lot during your day is a sure fire way to stay happy and healthy.

  10. HI there.
    I am in Melbourne, and looking for a vintage wedding theme for hair and make up.
    I am having issues finding someone to do hair and make up with the finger wave i require.
    Do you do weddings at all?
    Thank you

  11. Wow your nail are georgous! I especially liked the black and white ones! what is on your thumb nail and how’d you get it to stay? thanks!

  12. Hello Ladies
    Who visited my store on Friday!
    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks!
    It was fun having the ladies stop in for some food.
    I hope you found your destination to Hollywood perfectly fine!
    i had a request to make.
    If you can email me that picture you took at my store on friday April 6th!


  13. I adore your site. Your outfits are simply gorgeous and your look is breathtaking. I have never seen such beautiful teeth to go with the smile.


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