Sunday, August 19, 2018


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What is a Wet Set?

Thanks to the proliferation of information on the internet, it is getting harder and harder to find the answers you’re looking for. When you ask Google, “what is a wet set” I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see some of the images I’ve just had to burn from my eyes.

Big Hair Don’t Care: Classic 1960s Hairstyles [VIDEO]

Bouffants, beehives, curls, waves and more hairspray than Viva Las Vegas! ... but right here in Melbourne? Yes, that sums up our Iconic 1960s Hairstyles Event at the National Gallery of Victoria. Part of the NGV Kids...
Vintage retro bangs fringe hairstyle

Adventure Time

Yes, it truly is my Year of Living Bravely! There is more on the agenda at the moment than I can believe and life is changing at an amazing pace. As per usual there a...
vintage middy hair cut

My Middy Hair Cut. The Perfect Cut for Vintage Sets.

Since 1997 I have been trying to get this hair cut. Like many of you I have all kinds of pictures, illustrations and even original cutting diagrams. So the questions is, after such a...

How Often Should You Really Wash Your Hair?

It finally happened: I agree with Kim Kardashian on something. Believe me, I didn't expect it either. But flipping through a beauty mag recently, I spotted an article declaring that washing your hair only once...