In contrast to these opulent and traditional Abayas, I went to visit DAS Collection, well known for their “Signature Cut”. Where I had been astounded at the opulence of the previous offerings, I was no less entranced by the modernity and high fashion of the pieces here.

In their light filled parlour we chatted about the Dubai fashion scene, the type of customer and the production process. Each garment made to order in the highest quality fabrics, draped and cut on the mannequin to fall with perfection. I was so in love with their designs that I vowed to make several orders as soon as my bank balance allowed.

Designer Abayas in Dubai SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Designer Abayas in Dubai Designer Abayas in Dubai Designer Abayas in Dubai

The “Signature Cut” is such an exceptional piece that I can honestly say, should I only ever be able to have one style of dress in my wardrobe for the rest of my life, this would be it. Eternally elegant, multi functional and utterly sublime in finish, I am head over heels.

Watching my reflection as I swanned around the showroom, I could imagine myself in a myriad of settings. Hosting a glamorous pool party, greeting dignitaries or simply lying around on a hot day. I want them in every colour!

So romanced am I by the sensual nature of Dubai fashion, I find myself already hoping to be invited back into this glamorous world.

Fashion has always been a language in which I am fluent, and learning pieces of this Dubai dialect has completely enchanted me.

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