What lies beneath is often as important, if not more so, than what we wear on the outside. The support and structure of what underpins our garments makes all the difference to how things sit, hang and move.

With drawers and suitcases full of lingerie, from the simple to the sublime, I wanted to share with you all of the secrets you’ll need to finding the right pieces for you.

In addition to the usual Daily Outfit posts, I’ve been asked to share what happens underneath. How my waist can suddenly shrink, or how I get those clingy dresses to just sit right.  I find a great pleasure in having the right underpinnings for the job, so I wanted to share my secrets and sources with you too. So today we’re introducing a new regular feature to Vintage Current; What Lies Beneath.

After a long cold winter, it is time to give my wardrobe a little boost. Although I don’t have a whole lot of cash to splash at the moment with these renovations going on, I happened to find a brilliant sale on Pleasure State lingerie at the Brand Smart Outlet in Melbourne. $20 a piece, with the full range of sizes available!  This berry red set has the most vintage styling look about it of those in the White Label Collection, with the higher waist knickers, and the lace and bow details.  This same style is available in a number of colour ways, including a super cute polka dot set!



Berry red lingerie set – Pleasure State White Label

Candy red vintage earrings – Designer Showcase

Shoes – Bordello ‘Genie’

Nail Colour – ‘Coral me Wild’ Revlon

Lips – Besame ‘Caramel’ lip gloss

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[dt_call_to_action content_size=”normal” text_align=”left” background=”fancy” line=”true” style=”0″ animation=”none”]With upcoming interviews from Industry experts and designers, along with my own personal experience in road testing these things, now is your chance to ask any questions you’d like!

Simply leave your requests here in the comments (that way we’re able to track them all to one place) and we’ll do our very best to get you the answers you need.[/dt_call_to_action]

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  1. I love how your lingerie matches your nail polish which matches your chairs and you have the perfect pair of shoes for the photo shoot! Lovely pictures and thank you for the Brand Smart Outlet tip.


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