Often for road workers, commonly seen on the dance floor circa 1995 and experienced a small fashion revival in 2012. Apart from the odd 90’s rave moment, it was a trend in which I never indulged; until I bought this intense neon pink, matt lipstick a few months ago. Then, a small and perfectly proportioned love affair was born. Neon pink is not a forgiving colour, but used as a surprising accent, it is quite the mood booster.

I found this new collection of silicone, child friendly jewellery at Siliwear, a small Australia start up company. Something people never warned me about when I first had children, was how much of my jewellery the would ruin through chewing, pulling, tangling and of course, attempting to choke on! They may not be that little anymore, but there is another small, furry addition, (whom you’ll soon meet ) who also has a thing for jewellery. 🙂



Outfit Details

Lilac skirt – ASOS

Teal cardigan – Portmans

Two tone shoes – Betts

Beads and Bangles – Siliwear

Chiffon scarf – vintage

Bow Earrings – Juicy Couture

Makeup notes

Base – Missha BB Cream in shade 13

Cheeks – Benefit Dandelion

Lips – Chi Chi “Hollywood Wannabee”

Eyes – light pink base and purple lid tone by Essence. Crease cut colour by Urban Decay in “Last Call”



    • Sabrina: Thank you! I must admit that while the shoes look great they are “sitting down” shoes. The kind that are rather uncomfortable to walk or even stand for long periods in. I have too many like that. :/

  1. Hi Candice,
    Great outfit but I love the makeup combination, would you perhaps consider doing a video tutorial?
    Mish 🙂


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