I’ve been shopping again and came up with 3 fab and cheap beauty finds! Here in Australia we know that our beauty products are significantly more expensive than the rest of the world, so I’m always on the look out for effective and inexpensive alternatives to share with you.

Today I’m back on my video game, and have three fantastic finds to share with you. Some you may have heard of before and some that may surprise you!

Just which product gave me this incredibly quick and effective look? Find out in today’s video episode.



  1. What a great review. I didn’t think the Magic Blur that good on my skin but I am yet to try the Loreal version, maybe that will be better for me … I will definitely be picking up some of the Von Dita Thin Lizzy – the effect was great & like you I am always searching for something that is quicker & easier to use on the mornings when you are in a rush!

  2. Thanks for the tip regarding the sweet almond oil as eye make-up remover. I also have issues with my eyes and can only use one bottle of one brand before having to switch brands. And like you, I’ve tried expensive brands, brands for sensitive eyes, brands for contact lens wearers and they all end up irritating my eyes. I look forward to trying out the oil. If I see thin lizzy on sale, I might even give that a try 🙂

  3. yay for the natural products!! i also have super sensitive skin & react, sometimes quite badly to some cosmetics (certain lipsticks have given me blisters!) luckily for me i have a gel face cleanser that doubles as a make up remover! if u haven’t heard of Eye of Horus (www.eyeofhorus.com.au) totally check them out! i can wear their mascara all day & nite without irritation, it’s waxy so it doesn’t smudge ever!! ( they also have liquid eyeliner that sets & pencils that can be smudged out as eye shadows!!) going with the mineral make up theme, bare blossom(www.bareblossom.com.au) has a great eye & lip primer that stops things moving around, especially if your skin gets oily like mine. i’ve recently been using thursday plantation macadamia oil (with lavender & vit e) at nite & i love it! my skin is less oily, heaps softer & it’s reducing the redness across the top of my nose & cheeks! omg! i could go on & on……sorry 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tips re. Thin lizzy, I have always run a mile from that product because of the colour. Great to know there is a paler colour. And also good heads up re. The loreal product.


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